A Celebration Days for girls

I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough, the closeness it knitted between myself and my daughter has supported an ongoing dialogue about bodies since then, which has been so invaluable – Hermione

A Celebration Day for Girls is a one day workshop for 10-12 year old girls with their mother or female carer. Designed to support girls and mothers at this special threshold in both their lives, the program provides an affirming, grounded and connected celebration of the journey to womanhood.

A Celebration Day for Girls is a warm, fun & reassuring day where both girls and mothers feel held and celebrated. By unpacking culture‚Äôs messages and encouraging an ease and trust in the girls’ changing bodies we can empower them to be happier, more resilient and able to focus on the things they love to do.

My daughter went from being timid, unsure & nervous before the Celebration day, to confident, strong & very self assured afterwards.
The day was Wonderful.
Ella (Mum)


Our modern western society, predominantly through media, has long given the message that periods should be kept secret. One of the effects of this, is women and girls absorb the subtle message of their cycling body being an embarrassing, shameful thing. For young girls, this can lead to starting this fertile phase of their life feeling isolated and afraid.

When a girl starts her periods understanding her body and what it is doing, this allows her to grow into a woman who trusts and cherishes her body and it’s natural cycles, for the miraculous creation it is.

A Celebration Day for girls is designed to lead the girls through a process of learning about their bodies in a fun and empowering way, through being creative together and having lots of laughs along the way.

During the Celebration day for Girls I was able to connect with many girls. Rachel made me feel comfortable in, as you would say, my own skin. It was not only fun & enjoyable, it has set me up for the next part of my life. Kyah (11 years)

The inherent transformational magic of puberty and menarche, coupled with the intention and commitment to offer our very best to girls and their mothers/carers, has seen this workshop evolve into a unique and powerful day offered world wide, by an exceptional group of women. This is something the founder, Jane Bennett could not have envisaged when she responded to the first request in 2000. We believe A Celebration Day for Girls meets a vital need at a very specific time of life, for girls as well as for their mothers/female carers and families.

HOW MUCH DOES THE PROGRAM COST? The cost to attend A Celebration day for girls is $165 / $125 concession per mother/daughter pair.

DO YOU OFFER A CELEBRATION DAY FOR PRIVATE GROUPS? YES. If you have a group within your community, School or daughters group of friends, I can run a Celebration day for girls for your group. The minimum number required is 8 girls.


My daughter was having such a turbulent time in her life & nothing I did seemed to reach her or ease her struggle. By engaging in the Celebration for Girls day with Rachel she really found her self confidence & is at ease in her mind & body. Our relationship reformed & has continued to strengthen. I couldn’t recommend the experience more, it was transformative. –Claire (Mum)

Rachel’s just great !! Her ability to make connection with the young girls while connecting with the mothers simultaneously is really special.

We highly recommend the ‘celebration for girls’ day hosted by Rachel Pilgrim. Even though we have spoken quite a lot at home about periods and puberty Lilli still learnt so much on the day.  Rachel has a lovely way of setting up such a safe place for questions to flow and a thorough knowledge of womens health and how to communicate it to the girls. It was a really fun, loving, nurturing, informative day we made new friends and shared a very special day that we will hold dear to our hearts and memories. Lilli’s favourite part of the day was making the secret lockets, what a beautiful item for her to carry throughout her life. I feel very privileged to have been able to share this day with my daughter, thank you again Rachel. much love Lilli and Nicole xo

For more information about this program, please visit A Celebration Day for girls FAQ’s page, or email me at rachel@celebrationdayforgirls.com