Fathers Celebrating Daughters

The next Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshop is Wednesday 9th December 2020 in Castlemaine 6.30-9pm

An evening workshop to equip fathers with awareness, confidence and tools for greater connection with their daughters.

Fathers have a special and important role to play as their daughters metamorphose from little girls through puberty to menstruating and fertile young women. Are you ready? Are you overwhelmed? Or are you sailing through? Expect a lively and quite possibly enlightening discussion with many great tips and ideas for fathers wishing to open and maintain conversations with their daughters.

Attended by fathers of daughters of all ages, from little girls to teenagers and beyond, this workshop, designed by Jane Bennett, responsonds to the requests of men wanting to understand and support their daughters through their tween and teen years, especially in a climate of parenting advice that has tended to diminish a father’s role or offer only the most general homilies.Fathers Celebrating Daughters topics include:

Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshop includes:

– Understanding and supporting girl’s changes of puberty and menarche (girls first period)

– The seasons of menstruation – helping girls toward menstrual well-being. How to support PMS and cramps.

– The rite of passage of menarche and what is a father’s role at this time?

– Understanding and mitigating the sexualisation of girls by media, advertising and the online world, including pornography

– Supporting self esteem, positive body image and healthy relationships

– How to share your values with your daughter, and listen to hers, including a positive, respectful, loving and connected view of sex

– Staying connected and relevant to your daughter to enjoy each other’s company!

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore your own puberty and your views around menstruation & puberty. We’ll discuss your role as a father supporting a daughter through the puberty years. There will be an opportunity to voice concerns and hear from other fathers raising daughters.

We work with the interests and concerns of attendees. Often this workshop has been held for men whose daughters are approaching or traversing puberty. Very often this workshop is scheduled for shortly before, or soon after daughters have attended, A Celebration Day for Girls.

Father’s Celebrating daughters costs $40 for a 2.5 hour workshop

For more information please email Rachel rachel.pilgrim@yahoo.com

Father’s Celebrating daughters is a 2.5 hour workshop for Dads. Cost $40

The next Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshop is Wednesday 9th December 2020 in Castlemaine 6.30-9pm

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Fathers Celebrating daughters workshop was designed by Jane Bennett, creator of A Celebration day for Girls